Power4U™ gives you the confidence you need. Never fear a black out again.

Power4u™ is a mobile unit that can either be permanently placed in your home, or moved whenever and wherever you want power.

  • Silent operation!
  • No carbon emissions!
  • Friendly on the environment!
  • Easy to store!
  • Easy to move!
  • Easy to Charge!
  • Simple to Use!

What is Power4U™?

  • a solid state portable power source
  • provides 1000w at 240v AC 50Hz purse sine wave output
  • provides two 12v DC high current outputs
  • can be charged by solar
  • can be charged by wind
  • can be charged by water
  • can be charged by mains power
  • 100AH SLA battery *
  • 1000w 12v to 240v invertor*
  • digital LCD volt/amp meter
  • 240V AC 50HZ pure sine wave output (Australian power socket)
  • 2 x 12V DC output sockets
  • solar panel input socket
  • wind turbine input socket
  • Hydrospinergy® input socket
  • mains charger input socket
  • IP 56 weatherproof plastic enclosure
  • automatic overload protection
  • low battery cut-out
  • fan cooled
  • built in carry handles
  • wheels on larger model
  • hardware mounting kit available for permanent installation