Personal Relationships – a Key to Successful Global Business

Ian Myles

When Ian Myles worked with Astro Studios (San Francisco) he met Luceille Outhred and Kevin Soper who were commercializing Digislide’s global award winning pico projection technologies.

Years later, having commercialized his digital money technologies, he worked with NFP technologies for JP Morgan Chase.  He later moved to Singapore, to take up the role of Head of Payments, Group Digital Life for Singtel.

The strength of the personal relationship that had been founded in San Francisco was obvious when Ian thinking he was “in the neighbourhood of the Asia Region” contacted Luceille and Kevin to see how they and Digislide were going.  The result of that was the appointment of Ian to the Board of Digislide International, and an introduction to Spinergy and the new clean energy technologies the innovative pair were involved in.

A few months later at a conference in Singapore, Ian met Gordon Black (another Scot) who was also in attendance.  Gordon is CEO of babyHydro, a UK based firm, that specialized in the design and implementation of complete micro and small-scale hydropower solutions across Scotland, and provides consultancy services to the Water Industry across the UK and beyond.

Ian introduced Gordon and the babyHydro team to Luceille and the Spinergy’s team – and the commercial and personal synergies were immediately obvious.  A Heads of Agreement was executed that reflects numerous ways in which the massive global markets can be best served through the formation of a strategic alliance, and how joint licensing can enable maximum market penetration of the discrete products of each.